Childcare support

Childcare web system “Web NARAKKO”

“Web NARAKKO” is a web system which assigns the approved supporters to provide childcare services. It offers temporary care for children of students, faculty and staffs at NWU including pick up / drop off. The registered users can make requests on their PCs, smartphones and tablet type devices. 。
  • • Services: Providing temporary care for children, including picking them up and dropping them off at places asked by their parents, etc.※Need to be approved by our staff.
  • Ages of Children: from 3months to 12 years old(6th grade)
  • Support Hours: 7:30-22:00
  • Fees: 9:00-18:00 on weekdays→700JPY/hour
    Hours outside the above hours (early morning, late night, Saturdays and Sundays, etc.) →800JPY/hour
    NOTE: Service users are responsible for covering their childcare supporters’ transportation expenses.
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Childcare Services during Events “NARAKKO Event”

NWU provides childcare services during various on-campus events, such as seminars, workshops, and symposiums to ensure that those with babies/children are able to participate in these events.
  • Services: Temporary childcare services during events
  • Ages of Children: from 3 months to 12 years old(6th grade)
  • Support Hours: 30 minutes before and after the event
  • Fees: Please ask the sponsoring/coordinating organization of the event
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Childcare facility “NARAKKO Room”

NWU has an exclusive use childcare facility called “NARAKKO Room”. It is available not only for students, faculty and staffs at NWU, but also for those attending on-campus events such as lectures and research meetings.
  • • Support Hours: 7:30-22:00
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Work-Life Balance Counseling Room

We have a wide range of specialist counselors who offer advice on the health of students, international students, and faculty, as well as childcare and nursing care.
  • 利用時間:火曜日:12:30~18:30   水曜日:12:00~15:00 金曜日:11:00~17:00
    カウンセラー来室日は予約制になっております。 (開室日はカレンダーにてご確認ください。)
  • 場所:H棟4階 リフレッシュコーナー
詳細はこちら>>ワークライフバランス支援相談室(旧 母性支援相談室)へ


  • 支援内容:半年ごと利用経費の実費を授与(上限あり)。9月下旬と3月下旬に申請でき、過去半年間の実態に応じて10月と4月に支援金を授与
  • 支援対象:奈良女子大学子育て支援Webシステム「ならっこネット」に登録しているポストドクター
  • 利用できるケース:博士キャリア教育科目群の受講、大学院GP関連科目の受講、キャリアインタビューの実施の際に、「ならっこネット」を利用して託児するとき
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  • 支援内容:半年ごと利用経費の実費を授与(上限あり)。4月~8月は9月に、10月~2月は2月
  • 支援対象:奈良女子大学子育て支援システム「ならっこネット」に登録・利用がある者
  • 条  件:休日・休業期間及び休学中の利用でないこと。
詳細はこちら  >>学生生活課学生支援係HPへ(学内別サイト)