Training Course for Child Care Supporters

Childcare Supporter Training Course

As a part of support for researchers, NWU is providing childcare support, and we are always looking for supporters to provide childcare services such as pick-up/drop-off and temporary care.
We are offering “Basic Course” aiming at the supporters training which is essential to “Childcare Support System”. After taking the course, attendees get certified as childcare supporters at NWU. If you register as a supporter, you will be able to provide childcare services to the faculty staff (including part-time staff) and the students at NWU through the childcare support system called “NARAKKO Net”. (Paid volunteer/700 JPY/hour)
We also have “Brush-up Course” aimed at improving the knowledge and skill of supporters. Not only supporters, but also local residents participate in this course as a contribution to the local community.
The “Brush-up Course” has been held every year since 2006, and many of the participants have registered as childcare supporters. This made it possible for us to start up the childcare support system “NARAKKO Net” in April 2008. However, we would like to ask the supporters for more assistance in order to meet the user’s needs. We really appreciate your participation.

Information of Childcare Supporter Training Course in 2017

Please check the available date on the link below and apply for each course.
Please take “Brush-up Course” in order to improve your skills and reset yourself.

⇒ Childcare Supporter Training Course “Basic Course” (Japanese Only)
⇒ Childcare Supporter Training Course “Brush-up Course” (Japanese Only)
We are looking forward to your participation.
Those who are interested in volunteering, those who like children, those who are raising children, please feel free to come.
(Eligible Person: mentally and physically healthy men and women over 18 years old)