Our Counselors’ Profiles

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梶間敦子  Atsuko KAJIMA (Midwife/Nurse)

-Former faculty of the Midwifery Department of Tenri Nursing College
-Part-time lecturer of the Nara Reformatory School
-Faculty of the Health Care Department of Naragakuen University

島本太香子  Takako SHIMAMOTO (Obstetrician/Gynecologist)

-Professor of Nara University
-Member of the Nara Prefecture Gender Equality Promotion Council
*Dr. Shimamoto teaches “Gender Physiology” here at Nara Women’s University.
She provides counseling on issues related to women’s health (from puberty to menopause).

太田育子  Ikuko OHTA (Social Worker/Dementia Care Professional)

-Having worked as a long-term care support specialist at an in-home care support center and community comprehensive care center, she now works as a social worker, chosen by a family court, to serve as a guardian of adults. She provides counseling on issues related to nursing care for family members, relatives, etc.

乾 ふみ  Fumi INUI (Coordinator)

No appointment is needed to see her. Please feel free to just walk in. .