3 headquarters and their activities

The 3 headquarters act vigorously as follows by cooperating with one another.

1. Office of Gender Equality Awareness

  • Planning and implementing initiatives related to gender equality
  • Researching and analyzing the current status of gender equality
  • Advocacy activities for the promotion of gender equality
  • Coordination with other institutions related to gender equality
  • Other matters related to gender equality

2. Office of Diversity in Research Environment

(Formerly the Office of Mutual-assistance and Support for Women Researchers, and the Office of Reform Promotion in the Training System for Women Researchers)
    • Supporting work-life balance of women researchers
    • Childcare and nursing care support of students, staffs and faculty
    • Operation management of childcare support system
    • Health consultation of women of all ages (from puberty to menopause)
    • Other matters related to mutual-assistances for women researchers
【Research Support Activities】
  • Start-up support for women researchers in science
  • Other activities related to the project named “Supporting Positive Activities for Female Researchers (and its successor)”

3.Office of Career Development for Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students

  • Providing postdoctoral fellows and graduate students with skills based seminars and workshops, self-assessment and self-promotion training programs, and networking events with people in business, including those who started their own businesses
  • Building a mentor system
  • Supporting career interview and long-term internship
  • Raising faculty’s awareness
  • Activities related to the Career Support Group and Life-Career Design Lab.
  • Other activities related to supporting the career development of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students