NARAKKO Net is a childcare support system established as a part of NWU’s effort to assist its women researchers started in April 2008. The main purpose of the system is to build a network to enable NWU faculty, staff, students, etc. to work and study while they are pregnant and raising children. Childcare services are provided by our registered childcare supporters. One of the major strengths of this system is that our unique and sophisticated web system “NARAKKO Net” allows our staff to track and monitor the entire process of the childcare by using a PC and cell phone and to intervene whenever necessary to ensure its smooth operation. “NARAKKO Net” makes possible for our staff to provide our users with prompt, reliable, and safe childcare.

How “NARAKKO Net” works

Both service users and childcare supporters (who were matched with these service users by our staff in advance) are registered with the web “NARAKKO Net” system. “NARAKKO Net” system monitors and handles the process of: accepting a user’s request for a childcare service; asking those supporters, who are matched with this particular user in advance, to volunteer to deliver the requested service if they are able; and securing a supporter who will deliver the service this time. On the day of the service delivery, “NARAKKO Net” provides the user and our staff with information about when the service begins and ends as well as when there is an emergency.

Service Summary

【Cited from Our Rules about Childcare Support System】
Eligibilities NWU Faculty and Staff (including those belong to its attached schools and kindergarten), as well as NWU students
Ages of Children from 3 months to 12 years old (6th graders)
Services Providing temporary care for children, including picking them up and
dropping them off at places asked by their parents, etc. (and approved
by our staff).
Support Hours 7:30~22:00(including weekends and national holidays)
Fees ● 9:00~18:00 on weekdays → 700 JPY/hour
● Hours outside the above hours (early morning, late night, Saturdays & Sundays, etc.) → 800 JPY/hour
NOTE: Service users are responsible for covering their childcare supporters’ transportation expenses